Bulk Packing Materials


Pack Your Own Columns

We understand that not all labs have the luxury of purchasing commercial columns.  That is why we decided to help researchers like yourself by providing a line of bulk materials.  We also offer a complete UHPLC nano column packing kit which includes a UHPLC constant pressure packing pump and all of the items you need to pack like a pro.  Contact us for more details.

UChrom Materials

Our UChrom materials are an excellent choice for small molecule and peptides.  The material can withstand a wide pH range (1-12) and offers excellent results with low ion-pairing as needed for nanoLCMS.

Legacy Michrom "Magic" Material

We are proud to continue the tradition of offering Michrom BioResources legacy materials.  Just let us know which material you need and we can get it for you.

Custom Phases

We also work with various collaborators for non-RP phase materials (ion-exchange, HILIC, ERLIC, Polymeric...).  Contact us to learn more


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