UChrom UHPLC Line

Our UHPLC column line features the UChrom C18 material with totally porous 1.8u particles for the ultimate in resolution. We also offer 3.0u columns for high resolution applications.  The UChrom material has a wide pH range of 1-11 allowing higher pH stability for specialty applications.  

Our UChrom columns are made of PEEK sheathed fused silica with a 1/16" Titanium union and screen at the inlet and an embedded deactivated silica frit at the blunt outlet for universal coupling to any LC-MS system at pressures to 15K PSI.  You can also add one of our Titanium nano unions to the cart if you would like us to install it on your column to create a liquid junction at the outlet.

Legacy Michrom "Magic" Columns

We are proud to offer Michrom BioResources most popular "Magic" columns(a.k.a. ProntoSIL).  Our ProntoSIL columns are made of PeekSiL with a 1/16" Titanium union and screen at the inlet and outlet for connection to a "CSI" source or spray tip.


NanoLCMS Solutions will also pack a wide range of custom nano/capillary flow columns for researchers who require unique column chemistries, column dimensions and/or column hardware.  Please call (916) 350-4471 or email us at with your requirements to see if we can meet your needs.