Our columns are specifically designed by our HPLC experts to provide state-of-the-art column technology.  Our standard line offers an array of UHPLC and HPLC nano/capillary C18 columns.  We also pack custom columns to suit your needs!

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Our traps are designed to match perfectly with your analytical column of choice.  Our standard line offers nano and capillary size C18 traps.

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Bulk Packing Materials

We understand that all labs do not have the luxury of purchasing commercial columns.  That is why we decided to offer our materials to customers that choose to pack their own columns.

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Packing Your Own Columns

We have what you need!  From bulk packing materials to complete kits that provide everything required to pack nano/capillary columns like a pro!

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HPLC Service

We also offer service on legacy Michrom BioResources HPLC instrumentation.  Contact us for details.